The Metronome Sound

I get emails now and then asking about the sounds on the metronome recording. The most frequent question is this: if the frequency of the theta sound is 5 cycles per second, how can I hear it? Five cycles per second is below the sensitivity of the average human ear.

First of all, let’s back up a bit, the metronome sounds are a recording sold on The Genie Within website. The metronome recording includes a theta sound and an alphasound. The theta metronome sound beats at 5 cycles per second and the alpha metronome sound at 10 cycles per second.

These sounds are invaluable because they take your mind into the altered state. An altered state, either alpha or theta, is the doorway to your subconscious mind, and you have to be in an altered state to program your subconscious mind. You can order the metronome CD and MP3 here:

These theta and alpha sounds on the recording were manufactured in a sound studio. The key is that the frequency of the sound itself is not 5 or 10 cycles per second. If it was, the above comment would be true, you would not hear it.

The theta metronome sound is at a frequency in the audible range (I don’t know what the frequency is.) This audible sound is “chopped” up into segments that you hear at a beat of 5 cycles per second.

If you tap a finger on the table at 5 cycles per second (which is just as fast as I can tap my finger) the frequency of the sound that the tapping generates is not 5 cycles per second. It has to be the frequency generated by the thud your finger makes hitting the table. But the beat, or rhythm, of the tapping is 5 cycles per second.

To put it another way, imagine the conductor of an orchestra is moving his baton up and down 60 times per minute, which is 1 beat per second. (The conductor would have to have a strong arm to keep this up.) And suppose a tuba and violin in the orchestra are playing the melody at one note per second. The frequency of the sounds coming from the two instruments would not be 1 cycle per second. If it were, both instruments would sound the same—if you could hear them. The tuba and violin would both be playing the melody at a beat of 1 cycle per second.

So, get into a comfortable chair, sit back, close your eyes, play the Metronome recording, and take an imaginary trip. The sound will take you into an altered state of mind. Picture the trigger (also called symbol or icon) to one of your affirmations or, better, picture all of your triggers, and let go. Enjoy deep relaxation and condition your subconscious mind at the same time. Bon voyage.